Embracing Aging

Embracing Aging is available on DVD.  The program has aired on ABC-TV and on Hallmark Channel.

Families face many changes during the aging process. The children grow up; the parents get older; the grandparents get even older! It’s inevitable.  If you are alive, you will face change. This website was created to accompany the Embracing Aging documentary and will give readers a chance to learn more about the people whose stories are told in the documentary, as well as information and resources about the topics that could only be touched on briefly in an hour-long program.Durkee Family

The documentary was produced for the “Vision and Values” series for ABC-TV by Mennonite Media in partnership with the Catholic Telecasters Group and released to ABC stations by the National Council of Churches through the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission. 

Many organizations work at issues related to aging, from the very large organizations like AARP and Village Care of New York retirement community, to small, private nursing facilities like Vista Del Sol in Los Angeles, Cal. We interviewed experts who work in this field, such as Jennie Chin Hansen, rising president of AARP, Dr. Ira Byock, Director of Palliative Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Licia Berry-Berard, Geriatric Social Worker, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Stella Henry, author of the ElderCare Handbook and will share some of those insights with you on these pages.

Most importantly, you’ll meet families who are probably a lot like yours, facing the changes that come in the aging process with as much grace and courage as they can muster. We hope these pages will help you think about your own aging, and how you are working at the issues that arise either for you personally or as you care for your parents. We welcome you to share your own stories or websites that have been helpful to you. 

Guengerich FamilyThanks for joining us on this aging journey! We hope that after exploring this website you’ll be more able to embrace aging because you are better equipped with information and ideas.

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Embracing Aging is one of a series of documentaries examining societal issues, produced by Mennonite Media.

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